Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Donating Your Knitting Projects To Lakota Children

I am herby inviting other knitters to join me in this worth while project.

I am a knitter and have been knitting for years. Many of my projects have been packed up and stored and it is time to give them to a worthy cause. Most of the projects are children’s items and I am preparing to send them all to Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation to help keep the children warm.

If you would like to learn about Pine Ridge and other reservations please go to YouTube.com and read and listen.

Here are some of the links but there are many more.

http://www.elexion.com/ - Lakota Culture & Spirituality

Many additional links are available for you to learn about the Lakota Nation.

I have been fortunate to meet a Lakota man who has thought me to believe in myself again after some rough times and in order to get to know and understand him better I have been learning about Lakota Nation.

I am a US citizen born in Europe and before I met David I have hardly ever had any contact with Native People and I now realize how much we are losing by not learning and listening.

Donating to Lakota Children is my way of saying Thank You for what I have learned so far. I will continue this blog and look for ways to help and learn and hope that other people will take time to learn as well.

It would be nice to see the people on the reservations get help. This country helps foreign nations every day but seems to forget her own children.

For people who are interested in helping please drop a response in this blog and I will share the information that I have. I would also appreciate any information you may have as we can all learn more every day.